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Law Office of Richard L Filiberto

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​​The Law Office Of Richard L Filiberto serves Putnam, Westchester and Dutchess Counties and the surrounding area. The practice is a personal family oriented practice with an emphasis on matters that unfortunately confront each of us from time to time.

We are available to consult and advise you on personal matters including Wills, Trusts and Estates questions, Guardianship matters, Elder Law issues, Divorce and Family Court matters such as Custody, Visitation and Child Support, Criminal Defense, General Civil Litigation including Personal Injury, Automobile Accidents, Slip and Fall cases, Landlord – Tenant law, Property Law, Mental Hygiene Law, Kendra's Law (AOT), Involuntary Commitment matters, Civil Rights and Alternate Dispute Resolution.

 Mr. Filiberto is also an experienced litigator with significant Court experience in jury and non jury trials.

While there is a very structured set of procedures in the litigation process, those procedures can change with the twists and turns of a case, and change in ways you don’t anticipate. Good litigators are prepared, and not easily rattled by the unexpected. For many lawyers and clients, it is their goal not to go to trial. In fact, most issues filed in court conclude in settlement. Once in the courtroom, however, a lawyer who is a litigator is crucial to the success of any case. A litigator, such as Mr. Filiberto, has a refined skill set combining oratory skills with legal analysis and cross examination skill, all gauged to convince a judge and/or a jury of his client’s position.

 If you have a matter you feel may need a litigator, or if you find it smart to start with a lawyer that has the skill set to litigate your case if necessary, don’t hesitate to call today.

Mr. Filiberto also consults with the profession on Mental Hygiene Law matters, Grievance matters, CPL 330.20 matters and represents both clients and the profession in Legal Fee Dispute Arbitrations.​

Elder law, Guardianship law, Family law, Custody, Child Support, Wills, Trusts, Estate litigation, Contract law, Business law, Employment law, Disability law, Mental Hygiene law, Discrimination, Divorce, Grievance defense, Fee Dispute Arbitration, Education, Personal Injury, Grievance matters, Legal Fee Dispute matters, Criminal matters.

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Law Office Of Richard L Filiberto

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(845) 474-7144

​​​Areas of Practice


Family Court

Custody and Visitation

Child Support

Criminal Defense

Traffic Tickets

Civil Litigation

Personal Injury

Landlord - Tenant

Property Law

Mental Hygiene Law

Kendra's Law

Involuntary Commitment

Civil Rights